All You Need To Know About Us

SupportTeq is an independent provider of support services for software, hardware, and peripherals. It does not claim any affiliation with any product manufacturers or developers unless such relationship is expressly specified. Services sold by SupportTeq may be available for free or for a charge from your product manufacturer or supplier. Our services include at home/in-office repair where an expert come to your home or office and provide support for all your technical needs; usability training, where you get to receive easy-to-follow training from expert technicians and speed optimization, where we optimize your computer’s performance by checking, diagnosing and identifying root issues.

Highlights of Our Services:


1.24/7 Support

You get relevant answers to all your tech related questions anytime the need arises. The team at tech support is available around the clock for addressing all your device, application and technical needs in a timely manner.


Eliminate technical complications promptly by allowing expert techs perform a comprehensive diagnostic to identify root issues. Our technicians explain the nature of the problem to you, the risks associated with them, and give you a recommendation for fixing the root of the issue.


Our optimization support team will get you working faster than ever for optimal efficiency. From speeding up your computer and improving your PC performance to defragmenting your system and updating your computer software.

4.Onsite Support

Have an expert come to your home or office and provide onsite support for all your technical needs. Get help setting up wireless networks, at-home/in-office repair, data backup and recovery, and much more.

The cutting edge tools at Tech Support and up-to-date knowledge allow the team of experts to meet all your technical needs. We offer comprehensive tech support for all the software, server, mobile, tablet, gaming and computer needs – you use it, we support it!

For more information check SupportTeq Reviews


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