How Support Teq Operates?

Sitting on the chairs and seeking or subscribing for services from behind of the computer screens looks easy but What if the websites you subscribing through are not Genuine? Certainly, when we subscribe, we are always asked about our personal information.

support teq

Can we have full faith in Support Teq?

5 types of information Support Teq grabs from its users while subscribing:

Personal information:

  • While subscribing for services the very first step Support Teq asks for is to fill the Registration form. Generally, this registration form includes some of the casual communion information of subscriber like First name, last name, email address, postal address etc.

System information:

  • Support Teq also is after the information of your computer that you’re subscribing with. It comprises the information like the model of the computer, and the hardware, software and peripherals forces with it. Other information it grabs related your system are:
  • Date of subscription and type of Computer.
  • Cataloging number of the computer.
  • Information related to the application holding in the computer.
  • All the details in relation to software installation and hardware configurations.

Remote access:

  • During the subscription for the service you may need, sometimes an expert would have to take control over your system to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Diagnostic Tool:

  • Kind of information diagnostic tool grabs is the operative information relating to the computer system and the applications it holds.

Payment information:

  • SupportTeq collects all the information relating to the credit card. It may also include the third party for billing purpose.

Policies that accomplish Genuinity of Support Teq-

  • The information collected from the subscribers are anchored and uphold under secure facilities which limit access to legal personnel only.
  • The control over your system will retain for a reasonable time only.
  • The purpose of linking of any cookie cannot violate the privacy of subscriber.
  • IP address will only be used to evaluate trends, and gather demographic information.
  • Sensitive information like credit card number are encrypted and are protected.
  • All the information related to subscribers are restricted to their offices.

The cutting edge tools at Tech Support and up-to-date knowledge allow the team of experts to meet all your technical needs. We offer comprehensive tech support for all the software, server, mobile, tablet, gaming and computer needs – you use it, we support it!

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